Representation, Elections, and Public Opinion

Most of my research focuses on voting behavior, public opinion, elections, and representation throughout the developing world. 

Work in Progress: The Grassroots Right in Latin America

Lindsay Mayka and I are trying to understand the growing power of right-leaning issues, ideologies, and identities among citizens in Latin America. We are editing a special issue of a journal, and will be writing a Cambridge Elements book.

Work in Progress: Democracy in Brazil

In the Brazilian Democracy in the Balance study, Mollie CohenMatthew LaytonMason Moseley, and I aim to understand the nature and consequences of elections in which authoritarian candidates are on the ballot. Our work is based n a five-wave panel study of Brazil’s 2018 election, running from July 2018 to January 2019. 

Research Related to Informal Social Networks and Political Discussion

Research on The Public Opinion Underpinnings of Democracy

Research Related to Gender and Race

Research Related to Inequality and Social Policy

Studies of Elections