Gender in Academia

At present, I have two big projects focusing on academia, gender, and race.

The Publication Polity

Paul A. Djupe, Anand Edward Sokhey, and I are examining how political scientists and sociologists produce knowledge, drawing on a survey of over 1,800 faculty. We investigate not only writing, submission, and publication, but also the roles of teaching and service. Further, we examine the nature of inequalities by gender and race. We are presently working on a book manuscript, tentatively entitled The Publication Polity: Gender and Knowledge Creation in the Social Sciences.

Read more about the Professional Activity in the Social Sciences (PASS) Study here. You can find some early publications here:

Reading Research by Women in Political Science Ph.D. Training

Heidi Hardt and I have studied the extent to which political science PhD students are reading research by women. Together with PhD students Hannah June Kim and Philippe Meister, we collected over 900 syllabi and reading lists from US political science PhD programs. We used this dataset to assess the extent to which PhD students read work by women, and the individual and contextual factors influencing whether faculty assign more or fewer readings by women. 

Read more about the GRaduate Assignments DataSet (GRADS) here. You can find our publications here: