Photo Credit: McClanahan Studio, Ames, IA

I have several ongoing projects–probably too many, but I love them all, like children.

A) Much of my current work focuses on religion and politics. Here are a few highlights:

    • My 2019 book, Religion and Brazilian Democracy: Mobilizing the People of God, develops a novel explanation for Brazil’s recent period of political and religious polarization, focusing on the competitive incentives clergy face.
    • My new work–including several articles, chapters, and a book manuscript–explores the role of religion in shaping how citizens of the global south understand and respond to climate change and environmental degradation.

B) Co-authors and I are engaged in several projects related to gender, socialization, and work processes in academia.

C) The bulk of my work has focused on voting behavior, public opinion, elections, and representation throughout the developing world. Here are a few highlights:

    • Lindsay Mayka and I are engaged in a new project on the “Grassroots Right in Latin America” to understand the growing power of right-leaning issues, ideologies, and identities among citizens in Latin America. We are editing a special issue of a journal, and will be writing a Cambridge Elements book.
    • Another big, ongoing project seeks to understand how democratic attitudes influenced and were in turn shaped by Brazil’s 2018 election.
    • My dissertation and a number of ongoing projects examine how citizens learn about politics through their informal social networks and political discussion.

You can find various data sources here.